How to stop Windows 10 Automatic Update Assistant Permanently

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Hello guys, today I am going to show you ”How to stop Windows 10 Automatic Update Assistant Permanently”. I believe that it’s really disgusting for any windows user when windows 10 update automatically, the main thing is there is no option to stop windows update automatically. in this video, I just give you such a working method for stoping windows 10 update automatically, watch this full video carefully. Thanks.

If you feel any problem, you can ask me, I will help you.

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  1. if you make a video with an english title, it's a common sense that it's an english vid not some weird language! stop wasting people's time! make a title in your language stop fishing for viewers! disgusting!!

  2. Sir
    Why there is so much MICROSOFT VISUAL C++ IN MY PC INSTALL?
    CAN I delete those?
    There are like this partan
    MS V c++ 2005,2010,2008,2012,2015……21 pices…. Please sir reply…
    And thanks for this video👍

  3. ya ya…….mumble mumble thanks if not for the video I cant understand what saying dude much better you inserted music as a background much better thanks anyway you just mumbled the whole time :v

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