How to Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates

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How to Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates

Microsoft has now made windows updates mandatory in Windows 10. This will keep your computer secure and up to date with all the latest software patch’s and service packs, running a computer unpatched leaves your computer at risk with serious vulnerabilities and security holes. But what happens if your computer is running smoothly and then after a windows 10 update your system becomes unstable because of that update? or maybe your software you use has…


  1. Thanks man! Subbed years ago to ya! I was designing a documentary on my laptop when windows suddenly decided to automatically update and it completely screwed up my documentary! >:( I'm only turning it back on after I've finished the documentary!

  2. I have done the first step and it worked as I am not able to install the 1709 update, After turning on my computer it reverts the disabled part back to enable. Is there any fix?

  3. Deactivating the update service didn´t worked for me (it shows deactivated but the updates keep downloading and on the next start it will be active again) , the problem is that i upgraded earlier from win 7 to 10 , and the newest updates wont install at all , a lot of errors.
    I just wanted to totally disable the windows updates , because every single day after i start my PC , the update window pops up and it will download all the updates over and over again , consuming a lot of time on the next start/restart (trying to install the updates and failing)
    thx for the video , i´ll try the gpedit trick

  4. This all good but i oun this computer not win 10 and Co. i wish to operate this system
    with out the problems that the updates bring you Talk like stooping the updates is a
    bad thing is there operating system sooo bat they have to update two or three times
    a week im thinking to go to win 7 that i have a few copy's of this product possibility
    should ot have been put on te market if it is so week win 10 stalls more then 98 ever crashed
    and it really wont except any other software there is no other alternative that will run on the
    malti platforms that i have to use i think that i need not wsst my time and change all the
    computers to something that is not so badly made

  5. Thank you for the help with this. I have a few accounts on my PC and Win 10 has a tendency to mess-up all the accounts in different ways after each update. I usually have to do a rollback to fix the issue.

  6. This auto updating feature has lost me a lot of work over the past few years. Going to bed leaving stuff open and coming back to my office to see everything is gone. Pisses me off

  7. Britec09-THANK YOU!!!!!! for the "gpedit.msc" tip. I have successfully asked to be notified. Windows 10 is the MOST user un-friendly version yet and it is only going to get more so. I set out to stream a movie last evening only to have to wait 20 minutes for an update that I know nothing about. One component was Windows Aggregator [Windows Aggravater] Additionally, other software is often adversely affected. Your video is clear and very well explained. 5 stars*****! MUCH APPRECIATED

  8. thank you this has been a pain in my ass for months now I have a Mac Pro and windows 10 installed bootcamp but I use 2 GPU's 1 is a Nvidia 120 GT for the EFI boot menu to get into windows 10 and the other is a EVGA GTX 980 SC for gaming and if I had a choose that 120 GT would be in the bin but I need it for that only reason. the 120 GT kept changing the drivers to fit its self after a few weeks in windows but works fine in OSX so I would get a blue screen and then the 980 would stop working I have never come across this before and its driving me insane. hopefully hiding the driver's should stop this cheers

  9. and a other thing why cant it be insted of just doing it in the midle of a really good movie why cant it say hay we have a update for you but where not going to do anything till you click OK so we dont stop you from enjoying you movie that way i can install what ever the fuck thay want to update when i fuking wanrt it to still thank you

  10. i have no isuse with my computer up tillabout a week ago when i was watching a movie lovig it btw and then my computer started to sut dwn for no resen at all and it was be cos of that fucking update thing now thank you so much i will never let a other update happy if my pc braks cos of it who cers ill just get a new one and hope to fucking god it dnt do updates on it selff thank you
    🙂 <3

  11. So am I to understand that the only thing I need to do to stop Windows 10 updates, is to disable the service, and it won't constantly pop up annoying messages? If so, that would be perfect! My greatest stability, inefficiency, and spyware threats, come from Microsoft updates and surprise OS "upgrades". XP hasn't been updated in 2 years, there was more XP on the web at the end of 2015 than W8, 8.1, and 10 combined, and they are doing fine. 8+ even has secure boot.

  12. None of your advise worked for me. The services windows update was all grey and i could not click on it. The microsoft download found everything just peachy on my system so that failed also

  13. One EFFECTIVE way not to get Windows 10 installed on your machine – even if you accidentally said yes and then changed your mind: simply say NO to the End User Licence Agreement (the "EULA") when it starts up. Then you only have to remove the Windows 10 ad every once in a while. One day soon someone will have figured out a hack to remove the entire windows 10 update function – or enough people will have pressured Microsoft to deliver one.

  14. What irritates me is..they don't tell you what it is they are putting or taking off your computer. We have lost the right to choose. I have never used windows to install a device driver. I go to the actual site and find the driver myself. It's like MS knows better than I do what should be on my computer. Pretty shitty company if you ask me. pffff

  15. Managing updates manually in Windows 10 is extremely easy to do, so honestly people complaining about it, should read up on some basic Windows fundamentals.
    Bright people with previous Windows experience have no issues controlling their updates.

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