How to stop Windows 10 Pro from automatically installing updates

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UPDATE: This only applies to Windows 10 Pro.

You knew soon after using Windows 10, I would “take ownership” of the OS and tell it who’s boss over my computer. That is especially the case with Windows Update. Depending on which version you run, you can use either the Registry Editor (regedit), or the Group Policy Editor (gpedit) to apply this fix. Here’s the easy way… Copy the following text into a notepad file…

Start below this line—————————–

Windows Registry Editor…


  1. If you use a wireless Internet connection, you can set the connection to "metered" and that way updates don't download unless you allow them. Either way, I still didn't like Windows 10. Used it for about a couple months and went back to Windows 7.

  2. Just a FYI: My Windows 10 Home doesn't even have a WindowsUpdate key at that location in the registry . I guess I'll have to add it 🙂

    Edit: I am not getting "Notify to Download" nor the red text saying that settings are being managed…
    Your registry procedure works in Pro edition but not in Home edition. Still says "Automatic (Recommended)", even after restarting.

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