How To Switch Between The Start Menu and Start Screen In Windows 10

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So of course one of the biggest new features of Windows 10 is the new Start menu which combined the elements of the Windows 8 Start Screen and the classic Windows 7 Start menu. It brings a familiar interface to many who hated the…


  1. 1. im sad because i have the latest build of windows 10
    2. when i right click on my taskbar, there isint properties option because of point 1.
    3. if i got to do this, im worried about the desktop tile.

  2. MOTHER F!!!! I WANT THIS START MENU! I want mine exactly like yours. TELL MEE!!!!!!! Im not rolling back my windows to get that though is there a way?

  3. I prefer the start menu… but I prefer it like it is in windows 7. I DO NOT like those damned tiled, app looking things on the screen to the right of the start menu! Is there ANY way to get rid of those…???

  4. lets say I have a lots of apps open at the same time. like five excel sheets two ppts, outlook. and I want to access the desktop screen to pop open my recycle bin. how to flip from an open app to the desktop screen (without having to minimize all the open apps)? thanks.

  5. i was just watching Netflix when all of the sudden i want to go to bed cause its like 3 but them i have start screen but there isn't a desktop tab so i cant go back D: i am really pissed cause start screen is shit

  6. i have a problem with my start menu in windows 10, cuz when i press on the start menu button nothing happens. and when i turn my computer on the first thing i it shows is the start menu. because normally it always shows the start screen first.

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