How to Transfer Music from ipod to itunes library Windows 8 Free & Easy

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Quickly learn how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes library Windows 8. If your computer crashes, got a new computer, you accidentally deleted your files, or you just didn’t back them up, than this video is for you.

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Something else to take note of is: the procedure “Does Not Work With iPhone or iPod Touch”.


  1. Thanks Nick! I was having to reload/download/upload all my CDs, which was fine, except half of them are still in storage somewhere. So, how to get my music onto a new iPod (yes, Apple told me there was no way to do this)(?). I ended up having 49 folders to move and this tutorial worked perfect!

  2. Just tried this after I lost my hard drive. It seems like most options on-line are software downloads that want to charge you $20+ for what Nick's e-mail shows you how to do for free. Thank you for this walk-through!

  3. Forgot to add a good tip – if you have a lot of folders select all of them at once, right click, remove hidden tick, and press ok and ok again.. this much quicker than selecting F files 1 by 1 …

    Once you done that go into your itunes and add folder like on the tutorial but instead of selecting one F file, select them all and click ok, this will import all your music back to itunes in one go… took me less than 10 minutes to do all of this.. hope this helps speed things up 🙂

  4. Awesome – This helped me big time.. not sure why people are struggling with this… if they follow the step by step instructions should work like a charm..

  5. Thats all very well, but all my music is organised by folders, I don't want two of each song on my hard drive, as that would be ridiculous due to the amount of music I have.
    There are programs like CopyTrans, that can be aquired free, but they are all outdated, plus copying files to pc and not directly to itunes makes duplicates also, so I basically have no choice but to wipe the ipod, am I correct ? Nowhere I look can I find a way to merge the libraries, where it automatically transfers the music and leaves the stuff already in itunes. Its a sad day for a large number of songs.

  6. I have ipod classic and Windows 8. Mucking about with my iTunes/media/music folders I managed to delete my library (3300 songs). I had previously saved 2800 to hard drive but that still left me 500 short. This guide was superb and excellently presented. I also had F49 and have now got my library back (although I will have to rate them all again, but that is a small price to pay). A big thank you.

  7. Thanks a ton man! Just got a new computer after having one for 4 and a half years and I'm super happy that something like this works!
    Btw, my music folders went all the way to F49. So you can imagine why I'd like to keep 1300+ songs 😀

  8. Thank you SO much. Everywhere I've gone researching this topic has told me to download such-and-such program, I'm so thankful that I found your video! Liked/Subscribed.

  9. mine comes up as digital camera when i unhide the folders.  I also don't have ipod_controls, it just comes up with internal storage.  Then when i click on that, there's a folder called DCIM and then 800AAAAA.  Inside that folder is all my pictures but no music.  PLEASE HELP

  10. oh my god i love you! thank you so much, i just bought a new laptop today and i have so many songs on my ipod that i didnt want to delete and this helped a bunch!! 

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