How to Transform Windows XP to Windows 7 in Minutes (Complete Edition)

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Winrar :

Windows 7 Transformation Pack :


Seven Transformation Pack will replace many of the resources in Windows XP/Windows Server 2003. It can change such things as:

* Boot screen
* Welcome Screen / Logon Screen
* New msstyles files (visual styles)
* New desktop and file icons
* New toolbar icons
* Progress Dialogs
* Sounds scheme
* System Tray icons
* New Wallpapers


  1. (MY OPINION) The easiest way to transform Windows Xp to Windows 7 is to actually UPGRADE the OS itself, not some shitty transformation pack that slows your computer down and downloading adware off the internet. But I would just download the Win7 aero theme for XP and maybe just change the icons with IconTweaker. But apart from that, I don't think transformation packs do a great job.

  2. I've already patched it. everything else seems like windows 7. but the theme itself doesn't(meaning the taskbbar, start menu and the window itself. it looks like windows classic.). and when i change it in properties it kept saying: "applying visual style error". HELP PLEASE. :((

  3. who would want to download this and make XP look like Windows 7, its so easy in change upgrading to win 7 for real:
    1. download Windows 7 ISO
    2. Burn to disc
    3. put the disc in PC running vista or XP
    4. Upgrade
    5. enjoy windows 7

  4. @johnsnake71 oh man guess the extra 10-15gb of space used to support that os is worth it then because we all speak chinese and we care what they have to say :p

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