How To Turn Off A Windows 8 PC Computer

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Here is how to turn off a Windows 8 PC Computer. The Start Menu is gone, and there is no visible power button on the Metro or Desktop. To turn off your Windows 8 PC computer, put your mouse pointer in the upper right corner, and when the side menu pops up, select the gear icon. You will see a power button icon. Click it and choose Shut Down from the menu. It is easy to turn off a Windows 8 PC computer once you know now, but they did a good job of hiding the power button.


  1. Wow! This is hilarious!
    People Actually Searched On The Web How To Turn Off Your PC!? OMFG XD ROFL!
    Jesus Christ. When I First Got Windows 8, I Thought It Was Self Explanatory And Common Sense. There's Even A Tutorial When You First Get It!!!
    And if you're wondering why i'm here, i'm wanting to know how to shutoff a pc by turning a txt file into an exe file so when someone clicks it, it turns off the pc

  2. Yeah, I'm not real happy with Windows 8 at all.  I can't figure out how to use the damn computer now.  It's going to take forever.  Leave it to Windows to make things more difficult, not easier.  Way to go!!

  3. Every other Window is a pile of crap, ME, Vista, Windows 8.

    Fuck this shit, my new windows 8 laptop doesn't even let me update to Windows 8.1.

    Dear Bill Gates: please do your magic again for windows9

  4. Wow Windos 8 is one gigantic shit sandwich. I'm about done with Microsoft all they do is F with there customers like we'er nothing but stupid peons. God I hope they pay for this and for their little Xbox One stunt.

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