How To Turn Off Windows 8 With Just 1 Click

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How to shut down a windows 8 computer quickly by creating a desktop and start screen shut down button.
Impatient people: Skip to 8:46 🙂


  1. You are a hoot….great sense of humor. I tried your method and it works great on my Windows 8.1 laptop, and my wife's desktop. Before I put on the off button, I would turn off the computers the conventional way and it would take up to 15 minutes for the power to finally shut off. Now the computers turn off in seconds. Thanks!

  2. hi guys, can somebody help me out.. i have an issue when i am going to camera on my laptop, one msg pops up saying " Something went wrong" make sure your camera is connected and not being used by another app… please help me out i am unable to use skype….

  3. It was boring to begin with. I considered to leave but when you got to action you did a very good job. Thank you. (My desktop still runs on XP. The silly win8 is on a new laptop).

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