How to turn on and off bluetooth in Windows 8

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The way to turn off Bluetooth in Windows 8 is a bit different than previous versions of Windows. Here is how to do it.
For those having trouble not seeing this option in Windows 8 please check out this article:


  1. hey my windows 8 hve the same exact option you showed in the video the one problem is that the bluetooth cant be touch it looks just like when you turn it off an if you press it it doesnt come on why?

  2. my computer is windows 8 and  i have followed what you have said in the video but in the wireless menu my computer only show Fi Wi and airplane mode. there is no Bluetooth to turn on or off. if any further information you can share will be helpful. thank you.

  3. This is not what I want…. I can't turn On/off My Bluetooth on windows 8 (HP 650) and I tried updating the drivers but the PC's message do be ""Windows have the latest version of drivers installed" … I've tried "service. Msc' to make sure Bluetooth is running and still, the option isn't clickable… Any help please???

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