How to Tweak Windows 10

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How to Tweak Windows 10

Whether you love windows 10 or hate it’s here to stay. If you want to tweak or customize your operating system, then look no further, I will show you a tweaking tool called Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 which can change or tweak all Security & Privacy, Internet Explorer, Context Menu, Performance Tweaks, User Accounts, System Information and lots more.
This is a one tool does all type of thing and the best thing of all is that its free. Watch the video and see it in…


  1. I must say that windows 10 has the absolute worst blurry font rendering I've ever seen in a new OS. Looking at your video in 1080p, the fonts are horrendous and blurry. They are so bad in fact, that it looks like they are double imaged. In windows 7, I use the classic theme to avoid clear type and the fonts are 1 for 1 pixel crystal clear. I wish that someone could come up with a software hack to totally disable clear type everywhere in windows 10, meaning all elements of the OS. Microsoft has really screwed the customer base with the lazy grayscale anti-aliasing enforcement they use. As you can tell, I am disgusted with the direction Microsoft has been going the last few years.Maybe the new CEO? I will never go beyond windows 7 until this most basic font rendering problem is solved.
    But on a good note, you have great videos. I have been watching them for a long time. Keep up the good work.Thumbs up as always!

  2. i wish microsoft made a seperate windows version for enthuasists with this app built in and other customizable options such as support for 3rd party themes to completely change ui, widgets for fan and clock speed monitoring and control for overclockers etc.

  3. Good one Brian 🙂 I'm going to add a mention & link in Melbpc's Yammer group to this Vid. At present we are telling our members to hold off upgrading till next year, when by then more bugs would have been ironed out. However many have made the jump already. This tool should make them happier. Many thanks, kind regards & Merry Christmas! DAve

  4. I have a question; is it possible at all to change the font in windows 10?
    I've searched everywhere and all I've found was that you can only change the size, but you can make windows use a custom font. The feature was present in Win7 and earlier versions though :/

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