How to uninstall the Windows 10 Creators Update, go back to the Anniversary Update

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Use these steps to uninstall the Windows 10 Creators Update from your PC, laptop, or tablet, and go back to a previous version of the OS.

Note: Windows 10 Creators Update will release in early April 2017 (reportedly on April 11th), and once you install it, you only have 10 days to remove it. Then the only way to go back is doing a clean installation.

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  1. why that why are u going back option didnt showed up to me ,after that take no long no the new option didnt comin up and i cant press anything to and i just can closed the window tell me why???

  2. It broke my computer, I can't rollback because it just freezes and I can't do anything else because it's so laggy and freezes immediately. Nothing loads on my home screen anymore.

  3. This is great, had to do the same thing with my old netbook. It was running W10 when I bought it. Not bad though and it was smooth. After the mandatory upgrade it was fucked up. Nothing runs smooth anymore and headphone jack no longer producing audio. Is it possible that Microsoft is stupid and will ask me again to upgrade after I reverted back? Again and again?

  4. I can't access my settings because the start menu doesn't work. Right click on start menu and clicking settings does nothing. I can't get into task manager nor can I access any of the taskbar options.

  5. i have question i dont have aniversary update i have normal windows now its forcing me to instal creator update if i roll back creator update i will go back to my build ? or it will roll me back to aniversarry update that i dont have ? i dont want aniversary nor fucking creator shit

  6. Ugh, I am hoping someone can help me, but my computer just updated to this Creators Update and when it restarted I am getting a horrible humming sound coming from my speakers. I hear everything normal PLUS this head pounding hum from them. Any thought? Oh, and it didn't do this 30 minutes ago before the update. Thanks

  7. Good lord windows 10 is awful on my laptop, the roll back button is gone! This shit is ridiculous with the new "creators update"…It did not start having issues till after the 10 days up. Random mouse stuttering out of nowhere…never got this problem with windows 7 thank god I still have it on my desktop because this OS is shite.

  8. Thank you SO much, dude! Windows prompted me to install this garbage a few days ago but because of work I hadn't had a lot of time to fuck around on the computer. And when I saw what it had done, I freaked out. But, your video helped me go back to the previous version and now everything works perfectly fine. You saved me the headache of having to do a clean reinstall.

  9. I'm so happy I was able to get my old windows 10 back… fuck this 'creators' marketing forced evil bullshit. Made my internet slightly slower and it already wasn't that great, then it fucked my games up so they were super buggy and crashed every 15mins.

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