How to Update/Download Your Graphics Driver in Windows 7/8.1/10 Free Updated 2015

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Sorry about the sound clarity.,this video tutorial will help you How to Update/Download Your Graphics Driver in Windows7/8.1 Free Updated 2014

Identify the Intel® Graphics Controller to find the correct download for your computer. See Identifying your Graphics Controller.
for that download cpu z
Link :

1)Visit the Intel Download Center Web site.

2)Select the Graphics product family.

3)Select your graphics…


  1. OR you can do this
    1.Install Clean Master (Choose Soft-onic one)
    2.Launch it
    3.Go to tools
    4.If you see Driver booster and it says run Click run
    5.if it says Check up Pc Click it It will not appear there always
    6.if it loads up if you see intel graphics Driver there It says update update it
    Then it will restart your computer/laptop to take effect.

  2. I downloaded a graphic driver for windows 7 32bit but when I installed it, it said your pc does not meet the required needs. What to do.
    My pc has intel G41 express graphic card and has 1gb ram. I want to download android emulator on my pc. And I found one which met my requirements "Windroy" android emulator. But when I try to play it it starts but then crashes. Is this because of my graphic driver. Please solve my problem.

  3. I have a question!
    How do I know if I have a graphics driver?
    plus it says Update Gl driver
    or your game cannot be played I've tried updating a few times and it didn't work! help pls!

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