How to Update Drivers After Upgrading to Windows 10: HP How To For You

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#HPHowToForYou is a vlog with tips, tricks, and how-to information for you, our customers, to help you get the most out of your HP products. In our fourth episode, we share different ways to update your drivers after upgrading to Windows 10 using Windows Update, HP Support Assistant, and Device Manager.

Leave a comment below and tell us what you want to know about your HP products. Watch for new episodes every two weeks.

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  1. I have a HP 15-ac121dx (Touch) Notebook and I think I need to update my drivers because I have some issues with some really low spec requiring games and they run at like 10 fps. Hp Support Assistant and Windows Updater says no updates are needed but I installed the free version of AVG driver updater and it says 12 of my drivers need updating. I thought that the only place to update my drivers and not break the computer would be the HP website so I didn't use AVG (it also costs 40$). What should I do?

  2. hello, i have HP Pavilion dv6 with Windoes 10 and i want to play games in full screen so i cant because all the games that i have playing having black bars in both sides and also i search in youtube for this problem so i did not found any thing about my Full Screaning Games playing

  3. I have hp envy 15 TouchSmart j-122tx, its come 24gb msata plus 1tb HDD. I want to ask that can I install windows 10 on SSD ( after upgrade HDD to SSD) plus using msata SSD as cache too at a same time? since windows 10 is booting too slow as compared to windows 8.1

    in short can i use msata ssd as cache with windows 10 install sata ssd at the same time?

  4. Office jet Pro 6830
    Windows update seems to be the devil in all this. I've had several printers running fine after the upgrade to Win10 for a week or longer, only to suddenly say "There is no driver installed for this device". Usually I get stuck in the following loop: Cannot connect to device, there is no driver installed, do you want Windows to look for a new driver? > Windows has determined you already have the correct driver installed. RAGE.

    I insert the cd that came with the printer, run through the setup: Connect printer via USB cable. [Printer is connected already. Unplug, re-plug, no change. Cannot back-out or cancel the setup from this point so I need to click 'Skip this part and install, I will connect printer later'. Shut down PC, unplug USB, restart PC]. Run Setup from CD again, software installs incomplete, I can speak to the printer, print jobs, view properties until the next windows update and we go back to "There is no driver installed for this device".

    I have also tried Windows Troubleshooter, HP Print/install wizard & HP Support Solutions Wizard.

  5. I have Hp dv-6 1235ee. I recently upgraded to windows 10, now i think the drivers for my ati graphics card and synaptics are not updated. I`ve also checked hp support but it only has drivers for windows vista and seven, Kindly tell me where to get these drivers from because my display really sucks and touchpad as well.

  6. hy, my pc is quite old its a HP G61 (i just updated to windows 10). i am unable to use my vr design softwares. it keeps crashing, and i believe it is because of my display driver, i tried updating it as shown in this video but it says its up to date. pls is there a solution to my problem besides having to buy a more recent pc

  7. My HP support assistant doesn't open. I've tried uninstalling it, but it says that it is unable to find the .msi file associated with it. I've tried downloading a newer version of HP support assistant but it won't install either

  8. I still can't update my Hp standard sata ahci controller driver . I have had trouble with several drivers, my pc says they are up to date yet they won't work. I have used all 3 methods from your video. And another program called driver update is still telling me they need updated, but I can't find where to do it from HP. it won't even show that I have windows 10 now. I have had nothing but problems since updating to 10. I have the HP Pavilion 500-a60 Desktop PC Can you please advice?

  9. DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION … yes on hp .. envy 1414 (??4141??) .. W10 .. upgrade 8 > 8.1 > 10 .. yes, did full updates to all drivers / even did sprt asst rec bios flash .. done .. worked fine for ~2+ mos. .. only mouse & keyboard in USB .. no hardware or software changes by me / win-push updates show no recent .. then, out of blue, while typing forum post BAM! BSoD .. and dpc…vio err. Now, same thing, every time after enter in W10 .. once all stuff loads .. like right then .. exactly soon as W10 fully loads and HDD calms down .. dpc..err .. the "November" build has not been applied .. tried to .. but failed w/ some other system err BSoD. I have about 1 to 2 min. in W10 (while stuff loading) before, Bam! BSoD DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION… fix attempts driving me crazy over last few days ………. ANY IDEAS????

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