How to update windows 7 Starter to Ultimate in 1 minute.

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Hey Welcome Once again to ZishGamerz! Today i have thought of making a video on “How to update windows 7 Starter to Ultimate “. In this I am trying to explain to you how to upgrade your Windows 7 Starter version to most easy to use Ultimate Version.This is not only for Starters but also for the other older versions.
How to update windows 7 Starter to Ultimate in:
In this Upgrade you may notice these new changes…


  1. It's not working.I tought this is the real one,but no it wasnt,can someone help me out?Using home basic,i just wanna win aero,home premium or professional,it doesnt matter…

  2. Okay YOU! Listen up! I was upgrading my PC to ultimate but its like 10:00 PM so i turned it off and says "Windows is upgrading. Dont turn off your computer" then done. After i came back to my PC it says the message again. And it had turned on. After few moments. It crashsed. Then when i turn in on again then it wont respond, This could be my fault. Should i reformat it?

  3. I need help😭 my laptop wont start😭 because when its almost an hour and a half i turned off my laptop without finishing the update but when it turned on its already turned into ultimate and i was so happy but 3 days after my laptop wont start😭 hellpp

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