how to update windows 8 pro build 9200 to windows 8.1 pro build 9600 via windows store genuine

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Windows 8.1.1 pro update first look watch it and be amazed

everyone is facing a problem on updating windows 8 build 9200 to windows 8.1 pro build 9600 via windows store . the problem is your activation method , the way of activating your windows 8pro is wrong ,that means you are activating windows 8 with kms activator and it will activate the windows, but its a volume mak licence only, not a retail licence .NB: Windows 8.1 update via store is provided only to a…


  1. For people who still cant have the update on windows store after verifying that the installed Windows8 Pro is on Retail, do this:

    1. On the desktop screen, press Windows and R key to open run box.
    2. Type WSReset.exe and hit Enter.

    it will reset the windows store cache and it should definitely show you the update

  2. well I tried with the second method and it worked, now I have question, im downloading 8.1, but my 8 isnt activaded, so when im supose to activate??? before I install 8.1, or in 8.1???

    (sorry for my english, im spanish)

  3. I've done with the second method and  now it's RETAIL CHANEL,i download first the two needed updated,it's retail but i can't see the 8.1Update why? (logg in with MS account) nothing what i do wrong?

  4. sorry for my mediafire link I don't know why its happening to me anyways I ll fix it soon if you are in urgent please sent me a blank email from your id I ll attach the .rar file and mail you . thanks for trusting me . and ofcourse your trust will save you because in my video the matter described was said by a embloyee in Microsoft itself . so feel free to send blank mail I ll mail you the activator .

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