How To Update Your Display Driver In Windows 10 – Tutorial

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This tutorial will explain how to upgrade your display driver on Windows 10.

Video card drivers are important for all computers because they tell the operating system (Windows 7) how to operate your video card. Updating your video card drivers is sometimes required when one wants to run a game which demands a more up to date driver. It’s very important to choose the right drivers for your video card otherwise your computer may crash. By following these simple instruction you too can…


  1. I have a question about this, I'm trying to get a better video driver for a game, I have Intel, but I'm not sure if I should change to nvidia, would it be better for me to? Also when I try to find updates for the Intel driver, it says that it's the best they got, but there could be a better ine on the manufacturers website, not sure what to do, thanks!

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