how to upgrade from ubuntu 12.10 to Ubuntu 13.04

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  1. I have 12.04 and when I did that is showed me 12.10 upgrade :/ I know that if I do that and then do the other one there should be too many updates and it's going to make my system performing worse… but who cares, i'll take my chance because I really need to upgrade (some driver issues with AMD Ati HD4670)

  2. The 13.2 crashed 5 times attempting to install on the Dell Desktop on a new Hard Drive. After several attempts it finally got off the ground and actually found the D Link wireless adapter. Still sketchy regarding drivers, and missing Flash Player from Adobe to watch YouTube. Had to go to the online store for the Adobe thing. Far from World Class, and not very user friendly based on the four machines I have installed it on. Glad I own a Google Chromebook so I can research the workarounds.

  3. Ran my hard drive for a solid hour, and I had to put two box fans on the laptop, desktop and the hotbox for the laptop when installing the first time. Now it is fetching 1462 filles…

  4. Thus far on my Cable Modem directly plugged in using a CAT 5 cable, this is the fastest I have seen the UBUNTU ios operate. Usually takes up to 4 minutes to even fire up any of the icons on the left of the screen.

  5. I have Ubuntu 12.10, followed the directions and the Update Manager reads "The software on this computer is up to date." Ne Ubuntu release '12.10 is available . Upgraded to Quantal Quetzal . . . . . . . Took less time than attempting to navigate using the GUI garbage.

  6. You might have your keyboard shortcuts changed or not hitting them in the right order. Also 13.04 is still beta so you have to use the -d switch to tell the update manager to look for a beta release.

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