How to Upgrade Ubuntu

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Some versions of Ubuntu don’t automatically give you the option to upgrade to the latest version. In this week’s Ubuntu is Easy segment, I show you the easy way to upgrade Ubuntu to the latest release, which as of when this video was released is 11.04, Natty Narwhal. Ubuntu is Easy is my video segment designed to help new Ubuntu users get more familiar with their new Linux operating system and see that you don’t have to be an expert with the command line to…


  1. @EagleStrike119 Hahaha! First, excuse me because I'm not Miss Hottie Nixie. This confirms the saying that "security is a mental state." The best protection against computer threats is to install GNU / Linux ((from CD / DVD), create a single user with all possible security filters, configured with a proxy, a firewall, NEVER connect the computer to any network, never insert an external storage media, and yet there is minimal risk of the presence of a threat.

  2. That method is not correct. Here is the correct one:

    1. Click upgrade
    2. Upgrade fails. Computer fails to wake up from the upgrade
    3. Make a 6 day expedition to ubuntuforums.
    4. Now you managed to get the computer to boot, but without wifi and sound.
    5. Stop being a cheapstake and get a mac.

  3. @diffusiventity It's probably because you're using 10.04 and the update manager is set to look for upgrades that are normal releases. Set it to long term releases in the settings menu, like Nixie shows you in the video.

  4. Also if you guys like learning the command terminal or, like me, don't like moving your hands from the keyboard to click 500 times, you can bring up run box by hitting ALT+F2 (Or a terminal by pressing CTRL+ALT+T) and typing in 'update-manager -d'

  5. It's a good idea to create /home as a separate file-system, so any OS upgrades won't affect your personal data. You can just reinstall the OS again if an upgrade fails, or even a different version of Linux entirely.

  6. I think its kind of crappy that you have to upgrade through every release to get to the latest. It's like this with windows but with ubuntu releasing twice a year it gets a little annoying when I pull out my not so used old laptop and find out its running 9.10 still

  7. I don't find it strange at all that LTS is the default option. Updates come out fairly frequently, and some of us don't want to be asked to upgrade to the newest ubuntu version every time that window comes up if we don't want to upgrade to the new version.

  8. Well if you prefer Ubuntu classic on the log in when you click on your account before you enter your password look at the bottom and you should see the options for unity and classic. Choose classic and then you will be back to Ubuntu classic GUI. Have Fun!

  9. Nice tutorial. Perhaps you could make a video about how to switch back to the classic desktop after Ubuntu defaults to the new Unity desktop with their latest releases?

  10. God I WISH there was a way to play SC2 on Linux Mint 11 ( same gnome desktop environment kinda as Ubuntu 10.04 and/or 11.04) through wine/playonlinux and get the same performance or 90% of the same performance as i do on my win 7 installation. suggestions welcome I am still a linux o.s. distro noob you suggest and I reply with (i'll try it or "check" if i have already tried it) thanks in advance. btw Nixie. YOU'RE FREAKING SEXY!. keep up the good work classy sassy 😛

  11. @AgentHydra (concluded) i just starting used a gnome based desktop o.s. ( linux mint 11 and ubuntu 11.04 come stock with same desktop environment i think) a week ago so i'm still a noob imo. when you compare what i just said earlier to your experiences with wine and what you remembering having to put similarly demanding games on to play then at 40 + fps with decent eye candy settings and possible that rez, you'll have to tell me whether or not you think win has improved. only tried 1.2 & 1.3.24

  12. @AgentHydra gtx580,6core amd 3.2ghz cpu,ddr 1600mhz ram 8 gig,22" 1680×1050 monitor ( can't get Linux mint 11 to show 60 hz no matter what so far). have been using playonlinux with wine version 1.3.24 past 4 days trying to tweak Starcraft 2 WoL to run the same performance as in my win 7 pr 64 bit installation on a separate ssd. not enough success yet. even tweaked registry of windows inside wine using google'd recommendations. only medium eye candy settings at that rez. this is 1 example. (cont

  13. @xxturboweixx my point was, even on Ubuntu which is considered to be idiot-proof like Windows, I wouldn't even use the GUI to do system administration. Even on Windows, I use command line tools over GUI whenever it makes sense. Command line is so much simpler, faster and powerful than say, point and click.

  14. I haven't run any .dpkg based distros for a long time but I believe you can do an upgrade through apt-get from a shell as well, you may need to edit a config file somewhere first though. This is useful if your running a server as you won't have a GUI to access.

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