How To Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 7 Ultimate For Free

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*!How To Upgrade Windows 7 Home Premium to Ultimate for FREE!*

Don’t have the file anymore, sorry. *UPDATE*


First visit the link in the description (mediafire) to download windows 7 anytime keygen… NO VIRUSES trust me completely safe!!

To prove it is virus free i will scan with avg 9.0 full protection!!


so firstly
go to Computer and right click and click properties
then click more features for windows 7 i can’t…


  1. To buy a genuine product key, go to the site . This is definitely not like some sites which will make you worry about the purchasing safety. The payment process is confidential and guaranteed. More importantly, the product is genuine and with attractive price.

  2. Is there a way to upgrade from not genuine Win7 home premium 64 bit to win7 professional 64 bit? i got a key to upgrade to win7 ultimate, but i got a message telling that the upgrade was unsuccessful. I've been reading some posts and seems that i need to have "Windows 7 Service pack 1 " update for making the upgrade, but as long as that update is "dangerous" for those users like me who have a not genuine (activated) WIN7 version, i'm stepping back installing it. Is there something i can do? or i'll have to format and install Win7 professional and activate it?

    Thanks in advance! Nice vídeo!

  3. I put an key and it was valid for the beginning but later it says ''Windows update couldn't finish, try again" and when im trying to put another key it doesnt want to let me it just coninue scanning the older keygen .. So how do i put another ? Plz fast answer

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