How to Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8 Process (Demo Video)

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Microsoft has took up challenge to simplify the upgrade process and here is the outcome of it. Less clicks and instant upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Here is how to update Windows 7 to Windows 8 demo video from Building Windows 8


  1. yea true, she was talking about the flash drive files to back up. but the title says UPGRADE so I was kind of expecting information to upgrade from 7-8. I guess I zone out through the boring stuff waiting for the relevant upgrade info but all I heard was Install stuff, without any discussion of existing data. It's just the title that needs to change to set the right expectation. As you can see by the comments a misleading title with a dull monosyllabic presentation leads to poor communications

  2. this video is way too simplistic for an upgrade process. It needs to address the very serious issue of what happens to all your existing data on your drives. She said the line… backup your files to the USB flash drive!!! So that was a 4 GB drive with 3GB used for the "upgrade files" leaving 1 GB to backup my twin 320GB HDD's? this is very missleading and should anyone unfamiliar with upgrading, follow this video they risk losing their data (ie music, photo's games, anything you've installed)

  3. 6. Sliding to unlock is the reducing of productivity on non-Touch Screen machines.
    7. To find ANY desktop applications would be a pain without making a separate folder for Application shortcuts
    8. One Full-Screen app per time for a Operating System that is branded "Windows", which is named after the multi-tasking open application windows on the desktop, contradicting the spirit of the Operating System

  4. 3. The start menu is practically making less sense with these tiles here and wasting my display space, especially for those without touch-screen monitors or trackpads that would accomodate the functions.
    4. Even if this is fast, I can't get to Safe Mode as easily as before without changing more settings.
    5. The shutdown button is hidden as well as the Charms bar for those who have not have heard of it prior, especially those who don't know the Alt + F4 function while on the desktop

  5. OK, I did install this alongside my Windows 7 installation on my machine before typing here on Youtube.
    Here are my personal feeling about this….genius version of a great software that is suitable for geniuses.
    1. If I hadn' t been using Windows for more than 10 years and know what the Windows key on my keyboard is for, I wouldn't have found the start menu.
    2. It is annoying to switch between programs, Metro or Desktop, if I hadn't knew the Windows Key + Tab or the Alt + Tab function.

  6. It is obviously a downgrade. A downgrade WORSE THAN Vista.
    This version of Windows made ME sounds good. Ditch Windows 8. Even though I am slightly more on the Windows side I am just unflattered by this piece of….(insert any bad word you want here)
    P.S. Even ME gave me better experience than this; at least I am lucky enough not to have ME crashed on my computer, not even once.

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