How to: Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7

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It’s a painful install since Microsoft provides no direct upgrade path, but we can help. For more CNET videos, go to


  1. My hp desktop seemed to have been removed from a local domain and i cant bypass the usernamepassword section,its using windows xp and the solution is to format it at least thats what we think.Help?

  2. Hi Sir,…. I will greatly appreciate if you can advise me to install any window or may be W7. I got one cowboy (HP Mini 110) which I bought in 2002. I dint use quite a long time until now. It has window xp installed. Unfortunately, its connected to internet but any browser won't work. Even I am not able to uninstall window xp…. I not able to get the BIOS screen…. Its been 2 days frustrating with this toy. Please help me. Thanks

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