How to use ‘Fresh Start’ to reinstall Windows 10 (Creators Update)

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Windows 10 Creators Update now includes a new “Fresh Start” to reinstall and update Windows 10 on-demand without losing files if your computer is running slow, crashes or is unable to update.

Here’s how to use the new “Fresh Start” tool included with the Windows Defender Security Center.

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Refresh Windows 10
Reinstall Windows 10
Clean install Windows 10
Reinstall Windows…


  1. Whats the difference between doing this and/or formating my PC and downloading windows 10 on it?
    My PC has some malware on it and some programms have caused me issues but i dont have the knowledge to do a full format, will this method be a good alternative?

  2. I have windows on a 128 GB SSD and all of my data and programs on a separate 1 TB HDD. I also relocated my documents folder to this drive. Will a reinstall also delete the files on the HDD?

  3. i hav about more than a 100GB of personal data located on drive C. I haven't made any further partitions, and I don't have any external hard drive to actually make a full backup. I have been facing some issues in my laptop which I don't quite know how else to fix, plus freshening it up actually sounds like a good idea, but I am scared of loosing my data. Does it delete personal data by accident?

  4. Honest question. How is this different from refresh your PC that has existed since Windows 8 and still exists in the settings app.

    Come on man. We are saying it's a new tool when it doesn't seem like it. Neither has this video has explained how it is different. As journalists, we should not take Microsoft's word for it. We should ask questions. Even the list of apps placed on the desktop exists on the refresh feature in the settings app.

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