how to use ready boost in windows xp.

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in this update i will be telling you how to set up ready boost in windows xp, but to do so you will need one of two things either a usb flash drive, or if your computer can read micro sd cards those will work as well, now to set up ready boost in xp do the following:

1) plug in the usb flash drive or micro sd card and find out what drive letter it has been given.

2) press windows key + pause break to bring up the system propertys menu and go to…


  1. Hi (Boudreau2010). I tried going in Virtual memory setings but it dosent show my (F:)flash drive , i only see my (C:) Main Hard drive . The thing is i want to use my 4GB flash drive 100% and cancel my HDD usage of the virtual memory i know there is a way to do it let me know if you have any suggestions.

  2. This is a bunch of BS. Unless you are one of those people who never shuts down your system this will NOT work. As soon as you restart your system it will default to tour C: drive. The reason being that every time windows loads it has to reload the driver for the USB drive. Since windows looks for the page file on boot it can't find it on your usb because the drivers are not loaded yet and it will default to C:.

  3. pause/break is a key, some keybords dont have it
    if you don't have that key then right click the "my computer" icon on the desktop or in the start menu and click properties

  4. If I were you and wanted to upgrade from XP, I would install Vista Home Basic. It only requires 512mb of ram. Vista on your computer would run faster, since 7 requires 1 gig.

    But with readyboost, I guess it should be fine.

  5. Lol did it two weeks ago and it's fine. It's much faster than xp, and with readyboost it's fine. Don't get me wrong though it's hideously slow though I can still deal with it…nothing like a free comnputer!

  6. I would, too bad I trash picked all my xp computers and this way is free 🙂 Just got a dell dimension xps gen 2 yesterday, already throwing in a 40gb and 80gb hdd's and doing this trick since it's an excellent computer. May upgrade to seven on it but it only has 512mb of ram 🙁

  7. its great to be the firsts one to leave a coment on a video and you know what this video was actualy helpful. if i were to remove the flash drive would that be bad even though i have not deleted of my harddrive

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