How to Use Task View and Virtual Desktop in Windows 10 Tutorial | The Teacher

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Microsoft has introduced two new features in Windows 10: Virtual Desktop and Task View. However, Virtual Desktop was first introduced with Windows XP Power Toys but it now has been embedded into Windows 10. You can organize and group your application in different virtual desktops. Task View is an alternative to Windows + Tab key to switch between open application of current desktop. In this tutorial, you will learn to use Task View and Adding / Switching / Deleting Virtual Desktops. You will…


  1. The 1980s are over. Get pu to date you somehow made windows 10 windows windows 1.0 xD.
    Also, no one wants to hear text to speach we want to hear human voice and really, christmas theam. also make ur vidios cleaner.

  2. How to disable this virtual Desktop I dont want this, Is sooo annoying specially when I game and press the wrong combination and it make a new desktop with the game in. This is doesnt belong to windows keep it to MacOS where is way better.

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