How to use Text-to-Speech in Windows 8

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Learn how to use text-to-speech in Windows 8

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In this video tutorial we will show you how to use text-to-speech in Windows 8.

In order to use text-to-speech in Windows 8, open the Windows Explorer. In the opened window press on “Computer”. Go…


  1. Hy! i want to tell you to make your own Text-to-Speech software for any windows its easy.Coding is given below copy it and paste in notepad then save as "Text to speech.vbs" 
     name.vbs is important.
    codding :
    Dim msg, sapi
    msg=InputBox("please enter text for audio translation" , "Translator")
    Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
    Sapi.speak msg

  2. how to troubleshoot text to speech on win8.1?  caz Its not working.. when I preview voice I cant hear that… its not playing or the voice its not coming out… don't know the prob.. plz help

  3. umm, dude. Would it not be easier to right click the hidden start menu (where the start menu button sits – to the left of IE), then click Control Panel from there. You do it the long way lmfao

  4. The way it is… You would have to be truly desperate and a little crazy to use Microsoft's screen reader for text to speech. It does not work as a TTS program. Microsoft could very easily allow us to use its screen reader for TTS to read selected text, but Microsoft just plain sucks. The voice is there. The ability to read text is there. Any freeware programmer can access the contents of selected text. The only reason we can't use it for TTS is because Microsoft just plain sucks.

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