How To Use Windows 8 Gestures & Features on Non-Touch Screens

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  1. I've had windows 8 for a few months now. I still can't figure out how it's an improvement over windows 7. I never had an iphone or a tablet so I guess I'm in the dark ages. I do not see the advantage.

  2. just got this computer for christmas present, and all i got to say wow! 
    i been using my old hp pavilion laptop for 7 years and after that one this new envy 15 feels so luxury and good. love the backlit keyboard so far, its so good for people who uses the laptop in the night or in a dark room.and it feels so good so far ! even the possibility to watch HD videos without any problems ! this video was very helpful cause i've been struggling to scroll pages up and down and after watching this video i know everything useful things about this device ! many thanks to techhawks !

  3. 🙁 i saved up 4 years for a laptop and when i got a windows 8 my uncle came over and had to sleep with me but he wanted to watch a movie and i went to sleep. then when i woke up
    i needed to get water when my uncle left my laptop at the EDGDE of the bed and made it fall 🙁 and now it has tons of scratches

  4. You need to on your laptops website and download the latest windows 8 drivers be sure to read what to install since there can be more drivers to install before you can install gesture controll driver 🙂

  5. Thank you for your informative video.

    I am hoping you can help me, we have the same laptop but it seems like my gestures are turned off and I can't scroll at all! I am getting very frustrated trying to navigate through Windows 8 and Asus programs looking for turn on scrolling.

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