How to Zip and Unzip (Beginner Tutorial, Windows XP)

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This tutorial from shows users how to zip and unzip files using the built in Windows XP zipping capabilities. It is intended for beginners only, and advanced or expert users may find the information in the video too simple for their use.

Third party programs mentioned in the video:


  1. best video i've seen yet. but when i email the zipped file to myself, before the file opens up, the box asking to buy now or use evaluation version pops up. can i email the zipped file without this box popping up? in other words, just click the link in my email and open just the file. thanks

  2. Absolutely splendid video – so clear, repetition for various actions makes the process so easy to grasp and remember – I should have looked at these YEARS ago!! Penny, Cornwall, England

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