HowTo: Fix Windows 10 touchpad scrolling issue with Synaptics / Dell laptop

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Here’s how I fixed the issue I was having with my touchpad on a Dell XPS 15 (L501X) laptop with a Synaptics touchpad.

Here’s the link you need:

This may work for you too.


  1. Hey everyone! just wanted to tell you that if tried the method he did, extracting everything… etc well if that doesnt work just hit install and you done thats what happened to me it didnt work with hes method but then I only clicked install instead of extract and it worked ty for reading

  2. There's a whole lot of crap on the Net regarding the XPS13 touch pad issue (and why hasn't Dell fixed it themselves???), but this video is the real deal. Save yourself a whole lot of the Dell Support Assist run-around, and just install the Synaptics driver following these extremely thorough directions. The trick seems to be in hitting "extract", rather than "install", and then doing a copy/paste. Three cheers for the RedDragon!!!

  3. this really helped with my dell inspiron at the first step when i uninstalled the synaptics touchpad. and now my touchpad work better. only trying to follow the rest of the steps as i could not even use my mouse pad before.

  4. Very, very nice video on a thankless job. And that Unofficial upgrade page is outstanding. I say this before even trying to upgrade my touchpad. I promise I won't take it back. ;} I have an Alps touchpad which REALLY sucks dead dogs compared to Synaptics. Bad programming plus cut rate hardware — great combination.

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