HP Stream 7 – Performance Test on Windows 10

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HP Stream 7 – Performance Test on Windows 10


  1. hello
    My name is patrick and i got a hp stream 7 that the only thing it dose it comes on and blinks a couple times then gose stright to the admistore passwordand when i enter it the screen turns biue and that all it will do can someone help me with this

  2. Hello, thanks for this deep review: may I ask, if you know: could I use Basecamp Garmin, download maps (some gigabytes) well on this machine?
    Are there severe donwgrades for the writing in SD card? (making video good?)

  3. Chrome is almost useless on this tablet, so slow and the lack of smoothing is killing it for chrome. Microsoft Edge is so much more responsive. Its not really any issue with lack of ram and such, Chrome just isn't enjoyable for me due to the lack of scroll smoothing.

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