HP TC1100 tablet PC installing and running windows 7 Ultimate

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Instalação do Windows 7 Ultimate no Tablet PC TC1100 da HP
Tudo funcionando
All Working! See How to do.


  1. @sogey1 all you have to do is install the windows update it downloads once you connect to the internet. trust me, it did for me. also, one quick tip for some tablet users of this model, after installing win 7, you might notice your wifi doesnt work or doesnt detect wifi signals no matter how close you are, if you go into your BIOS menu (press F10 at boot) and select DEVICE OPTIONS, and enable wifi device, that will fix it, it took me a long time to find this out, i was gonna install xp on it.:)

  2. @revolutionbrz
    PC2700 de 1GB cada. A instalação requer conhecimento especializado, pois o módulo interno não é facilmente acessível. O primeiro é fácil mas o segundo precisa abrir todo o tablet.

  3. I have a few questions : How much ram have you installed, how big is your hard drive and how much space was available on the hard drive after the installation ? Thanks for the tutorial.

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