HTML and Python with GTK and Webkit – Linux Tutorial

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  1. This is awesome! Is there a module that would take snapshot of the website and save it as a jpeg. I am building my search engine of links with image snapshot to enable users decide whether to go to the website or not to prevent malicious software from being downloaded on the user's computer. Any help is appreciated. Great video by the way!! Thumbs up.

  2. @FireBoos187: You would use your package manager. I use Aptitude mostly. You would install it like any other package. GTK might already be installed. It tends to be installed by default on many distro. The gtk package is "python-gtk2" and the webkit package is "python-webkit". Using Aptitude you can install both like this:
    sudo aptitude install python-webkit python-gtk2

    But, use what every package manager you prefer "apt-get, synaptic, etc."
    They all use the same repositories.

  3. @sergio1020881: If you want to design a GUI with a designer I suggest using Qt4-Designer. I have a videos series up on youtube for doing some basic stuff with that. I tend to do most my stuff by hand using GTK. Glade uses GTK, but I was never fond of having both a Glade file and a python file.

    Both GTK and Qt will be around for a while and are very commonly used.
    I'll send you some videos.

  4. @egghead152: I can't say for sure, I haven't tried yet. But even if it does work (which I'm pretty sure it will) you will have to enable it. By default all plugins are disabled. I'll be getting into that sort of thing in future tutorials.

  5. @ndyakov: Well, that would be simple enough, I was going to move on to interacting with the page a little, but it might be a good idea to do that video first. We'll see what I get done by Friday 🙂

  6. @BloodyRevolution1 Yea, its Mint. I believe he also uses Debian. He uses Mint in his videos because that is what his users are familiar with. At least thats what I think I remember him saying.

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