Hydrogen Drum Machine – Free Drum Programming for Windows, Mac, and Linux

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Hydrogen drum machine is easy to use to create your own drum beats. You’ll be able to easily make patterns which can be arranged into a full song. This is great for musicians and composers who don’t have access to an acoustic or electronic drum kit.

In this tutorial, we show how to use hydrogen drum machine to create your own drum beats. We’ll cover everything from a simple patterns, to combining multiple patterns to a full song you can…


  1. Beatcraft. Download the trial, then keep the tab open after the trial is up…….or just cough up the 30 or 40 bucks. I don't use software drums anymore, but I have Beatcraft for "very rough draft" recordings of brand new (or even unfinished) songs, and I also use the closed hat sound as a click., because it's much easier to plat to than a beep-track and if it bleeds a little from the headphones, it'll blend right in with the real drums. However, I HAVE tried it for actual recording, and while my ears will not be satisfied with fake drums, it is miles above Hydrogen. It's set up with a similar layout, the sort of grid type thing where you click the box on the timeline, and you can make multiple patterns and arrange them into a sequence, but it also has more realistic samples and you can put an eq or compressor or reverb or even echo or distortion or a flanger on each individual drum and/or the whole kit. Again, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING will take the place of having an actual drummer hitting actual drums, even if all you have is a cheap student kit and a 2 input USB audio interface, just stick a close mic on the kick and one mono overhead about 38" above the snare. I also know that not everyone has access to drummers and real drums and some people have neighbors who won't tolerate any loud noise, and so don't get yourself locked up, and if you're in the situation where you have no choice but to use software and can't really afford the more expensive stuff, go for Acoustica Beatcraft. At least download the free trial (a week I think) and check it out. My apologies to the uploader, I'm just trying to be helpful.

  2. I downloaded hydrogen but everytime I try to open it it just goes back to the setup wizard I'm kind of lost it's been awhile since I've been on a computer also any help would be greatly appreciated

  3. another cool thing you can do is export each individual drum out as a wav file. That way you don't have to screw around with midi in the DAW and you still have max control over levels

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