I Deleted Windows – Ubuntu Linux For Me (16.04.01)

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I describe more why I got rid of Windows and dived right into Ubuntu Linux.


  1. For people who wanna get into Linux but are afraid of sacrificing their Windows system(Desktop/Laptop) maybe you wanna get into Raspberry Pi 3, buy one with other accessories(case/box/keyboard/mouse/uSD[U3 speed or class 10)/HDMI cable, Fan/Heatsink…etc.) and use it as a Linux machine.
    Tamper with it, learn, try, do everything, there is nothing to fear there. And here is a free mag to aid you
    Just learn as much as you need. If you wanna just learn Linux as a user, just read the topics about that.
    NOTE: it is not as fast as Desktop/Laptop system, but it does the job of learning, and you can also turn it into a Media Center with an app called Kodi or with an Operating System called OpenElec.

  2. Well I am sick and tired of drivers like sound and video just not working on Linux OOTB. Guess we are even. Win 10 steals all your privacy but what doesn't nowadays. I have been trying Linux since the late 1990's and it's like the curates egg. Good in parts.

  3. Windows has been a server base since windows 7 n even more so with windows 10 just read all the disclaimers before you install windows 10 you install it n you are a slave to windows 10.

  4. Hi there i got a HP Laptop with i3 1.70 ghz 8gb ran 1tb disk geforce 820m 1gb ans windows 10 home and i want to do a clean install of linux but Linux Mint or Linux Ubuntu?

  5. Good for you. I started using Ubuntu in 2006 and I've never used Windows again and never will. I'm not a gamer though so I didn't particularly miss anything. Like the other posts here I liked XP & 7 okay.

  6. While I have been Windows free since 2004, I can feel your elation. Welcome to the wonderful world of Linux. Don’t be fooled though, the Linux world has TONS of updates….for every little thing. And while you might think that's a bad thing, its better to have a million little updates that last what?….like 3 minutes than to wait for this monolithic sized update that requires you to leave your computer alone for hours at a time. Yeah….Linux? Is King!!!

  7. Regardless of the OS you are updating is a great and fantastic thing as this mean bug fixes and new features. Now if your reason to switch is far batter privacy, stability (although Windows 10 is very stable with build 1607), and because that Ubuntu will be the next gaming platform in the next 2-3 years then those are all great reasons to switch.

  8. I'm with you…I'm amazed at how people put up with WIndows which has been unstable and needs reinstalling every six months if you want it to work properly….why PAY when you can get an OS that is FREE and does everything windows does…sometimes even better

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