iMac Windows 10 test

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Video of my iMac updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 ( only way to have it, windows DVDs don’t boot since Windows 8 ). No problem so far, the iMac runs better than under OS X Lion ( last supported system )

Specs : -iMac late 2006 17″
– Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 ( 2 GHZ dual core )
– 3 GB of Ram
– Ati Radeon x1600 ( 128 MB of VRAM )
– Windows 10 x86 ( this Mac doesn’t support x64 officially )

Some animations are bugged, sorry about that ( my connection is bad so I won’t reupload the…


  1. Hi,
    I have an iMac 2006 late 20". It works now with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. Which Bootcamp Support Software do you use? Can I update my Bootcamp Support Software?
    I found two issues. 1. After cold boot instead of Windows logon screen only black screen. – Solved: Video card incompatibility –> in Windows fast boot should turn off! 2. T

  2. So I have a early 06 iMac and wanted to experiment with Boot Camp….I wanted to put a basic install of XP or 7 on here….but I will be upgrading to a Core 2 Duo and performing a 4GB patch…will I be able to install either so under Lion?

  3. Hello,

    I'd like to upgrade from Win7pro to Win10pro on my imac5,1 (same as in the video).
    Windows upgrade says the GPU isn't compatible (radeon mobility x1600).
    I can read in the comment that maybe only the 32-bit version of Win10 would work.

    What do you recommend?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help

  4. Did you install a 64-Bit OS or is it a 32-Bit OS? I'm getting this mac tomorrow and going to be installing Windows 10 on it but not 100% sure on the Bit it can run. Update I found out only the 32-Bit OS can be installed on this version on iMac.

  5. Salut!
    Depuis quelques semaines je tente de faire fonctionner la carte graphique ATI X1600 de mon iMac 2006 sur Windows 10 et je peux y arriver. Aurais-tu quelque chose à me conseiller? J’ai déjà épuisé les forums sur le sujet. Malheureusement rien ne fonctionne!

  6. It's cool guy 😀 (i'm french too xD)
    I'm running Windows 7 on my 20" Early 2006 iMac (the very first IntelMac, with 32-bits Core Duo CPU) it's working like a charm, and better than Snow Leopard with latest software 😀 I don't think i'm gonna to update to Windows 10 (i even don't know if i still can get the free update now, but, i don't care, because Windows 7 run soooooooo good.) ^^

  7. This is great that you've got this working … I have pretty much same setup, but can't seem to get Bootcamp to see the windows install (disc or usb). I saw other vids about editing the plist file to be able to have the BCA options to create the install disk (and already created the Bootcamp Windows partition). I don't think I can boot from the usb like I'd hoped, but the iMac doesn't see my W10 install disc either at boot (Option key held down for boot options), only MacHD and Recovery. Any suggestions on getting the install disc recognized? BTW, used same disc to install W10 via BCA on MacBook Pro late 2011 also.

  8. I wonder if anyone can help me with this…. I have a late 2009 27" iMac and trying to do a clean install of Windows 10 without bootcamp but through a manually made partition via Disk Utility. during the installation, Windows detects the Radeon HD 4670 graphics processor and then the screen goes black. I reboot the computer and the screen is still black when I boot into Windows. By installing an external monitor by the display port, I can get a screen but only on the external monitor. Removing the driver and resorting to the basic windows display drivers, I can get the main iMac screen to work but very sluggish. Going through the legacy drivers from AMD, they all have the same problems! Anyone have any good ideas to fix this?

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