Improve Gaming Performance on your PC/Laptop

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Improve Gaming Performance on your PC/Laptop by PC Tweaks.


PART 1 here:
PART 2 here:
PART 3 here:
PART 4 here:

Speed up Windows 10:
Speed Up Windows 10 Part 2:
Speed up Windows 7 here:
Windows Tips and Tweaks:



  1. Thank you so much!Man maybe you know what me to do,I look in cpu-z and my core VID 1.211V – 0.740V
    Rides and reset and my core speed to like – 3000mhz to 800mhz.I have a laptop is acer aspire 5750g (i7 2670qm).Sad this video have not much views,I know 80% laptop users not know this tweak and work not a full power.(sorry for my Eanglishsh)

  2. When i put in the code and tell the registry editor to find it, the values on the right side have all different names from the ones in your vid, in particular there's no "MinValue" or "MaxValue". The closest things that i have are "HighRange" and "LowRange" but I dont wanna touch stuff I dont know anything about…

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