INSTALL any Linux the EASY way – Linux Mint [COMPLETE GUIDE]

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“All you need to know ” on Installing Linux Mint or any Linux distro for that matter!!


0:00 – Intro
0:12 – Creating a Bootable USB
4:49 – Editing BIOS and Booting from USB
6:26 – Installing Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca”
11:56 – Booting up after Installation
12:37 – Outro

Music Used:
1.Hey Now
2.Inner Flow feat Martin Siuda -LittleLight
3.Secret Dreams
4.Follow Me
5.The aran boat2012 -Adragante
6.Brian boru 2 -Adragante
7.Lino Rise – Free Jingle Alpha Omega


  1. yeah I did everything and once it's done loading it just becomes a pixelated mess. One thing to note is that there was no option to do any of the things you did in BIOS and my BIOS menu looked much different from yours. I'm doing this on an old HP PC that I'm pretty sure was pre-built so I can't check the motherboard.

  2. My windows is installed on C drive. So can it is possible to format C drive and later installed Linux Mint on C drive so that my data on other drives i.e. D or E drive remains there and I dont have to take backup of that data ?

  3. I don't understand why this video doesn't partitition the USB drive, rather it formats the hard drive of my computer. luckily I had my files backed up. I'm upset that I have to redownload a bunch of different applications. Why wouldn't it let me partition my usb stick instead. I feel so stupid.

  4. Ok, let me understand.
    1. Creating that USB thing puts your older operating sistem on the USB?
    2. I don't want to keep my older operating sistem, so, Installing Linux Mint over my operating sistem will delete my old operating sistem?
    3. It is necessary to do that USB booting thing?

  5. So I have a question.

    I have a system with a physical drive selector on front of case. Each Drive is seperate os. I have 3 designated so far. 1) Win 7 64bt 2) Win 7 64bit (test drive for new apps etc 3) Windows 10 and I'd like to dabble with Linux now. Can I create a HD Option 4 with just linux on it. Or do I have to put windows x on it and partition OR can whole drive just formatted and used for just Linux Mint OS? And if so whats different from your vid instructions. What part would I need to change?

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