Install Arch Linux In Under 10 Minutes

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Project moved to:

free to check out my script on github as well:


  1. Brilliant! Got my Arch installed in no time and very little pain. One thing though. Wireless worked before the install… Now that it's installed I have no wireless. Tried to issue wifi-menu from terminal in the Mate desktop environment but get error that 'dialoge'is not installed. Also noticed there's no browser to get to internet. Help. I'm a newbie. Thanks!

  2. Hello Dylan,

    I thought you would like to know I used your script and then proceeded to make my own custom Arch Linux Called MorpheusArch using archiso.

    Then I thought this script is script too good to not share with others. So I put it in with the install.


    Your script got taken out for the latest release, thank you still for without this script my "MorpheusArch Linux" would never have happened.

    You can read more on my website (its on my profile youtube is not lettling me link)

    Thank you for the script.


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