Install Borland c++ Windows 10/8 64 bit operating System

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In this video i am going to show how you can install Borland c++ on a 64-bit machine having windows 10 as well as windows 8.

You can download borland C++ 5.5 compiler by the link below

You need to register on this site and the download link will be available via email

However I have also provided direct download link
just click on it and download the files

1. Borland.rar(


  1. I succeeded in installing Borland C++ .I followed all the instructions and the comments below. I deactivated(uninstalled) my antivirus Bitdefender and installed like in the video. Then i reinstalled my Bitdefender. I want to say that i compiled a .C file with functions getch() and textbackground(colour) from conio.h (which are functions of 16 bits as far as i know) with success and the compiler created a .exe file wich runned on my machine, Windows 10 64 bit. Thanks a lot Problem Solved !!! I'm very happy i don't need to use a virtual machine with Windows xp to run Borland C++. Wish you all good luck !!!!

  2. on windows 7 and probably windows 10 you have to turn off "Data Execution Prevention" for the file BCW.exe – google for "how_do_i_turn_off_data_execution_prevention_errors." it's in Computer/Advanced System Settings/Performance-Settings/Data Execution Prevention" then you "Add…" BCW.exe to the exclusion list, it's in C:BC5Bin or C:Borland C++Bin

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