Install CMS in Ubuntu Web Server (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) [HD]

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This tutorial will demonstrate how to install WordPress and other common CMS

platforms in Ubuntu Server. This will also work with a paid or free host.

Commands used in this tutorial (seperated by a blank line):

sudo groupadd website

sudo usermod -a -G website www-data

sudo usermod -a -G website webuser

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  1. Excellent video! I like how you explain things. I have never used Joomla nor installed it but I see it's not that difficult. I learned something about user rights though. Joomla looks interesting.

  2. use following commands if you are not able to change groups, ownership and permissions in webmin:
    sudo chgrp website -R /var/www
    sudo chown webuser -R /var/www
    sudo chmod 775 -R /var/www

  3. Brilliant tutorial, but I have a problem in WordPress, I can't access any themes, I get an error when I try to add new themes… The error is "An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration." I'm not sure what to do, any help would be appreciated.

  4. hey john on your last video on setting up ubuntu and all the great software I came across a problem. My problem is when you get into var/www/ I have another file that is html. so if go like this /var/www/html/index.html and it say You should replace this file (located at /var/www/html/index.html) before continuing to operate your HTTP server. I don't know what or how to replace this Can you help.

  5. I found that Joomla was asking me to overwrite existing files?

    I cannot understand this since the first time I started to upload it said this- never had it before… How do I fix this? 2000 odd fail to upload…

  6. I work as a web developer and I created a series of 25 video tutorials for wordpress users. WordPress developers agree that this is the most complete wordpress video series ever created. please go to my channel and watch the one video I uploaded

  7. You are amazing. Very methodical and you explain everything simple but thorough. I really like that you make me feel like I know what I am doing, rather than just following along. Thank you and I can't wait for your next vid.

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