Install Debian 8.1 (Jessie) in UEFI Mode (Dual Boot Windows 8/8.1/10)

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This is a tiny tutorial for dual booting Debian 8.1 (Jessie) with Windows 8/8.1/10 in UEFI Mode.

Step1: Make some space for Debian 8.1 in Windows
Step2: Boot Debian installation disk in UEFI Mode. This method can also be used for Debian 8.6.0. Visit: to download the ISO
Step3: Make two partitions in the free space
Step4: Install Debian 8.1 in those partitions.
Step5: Boot into freshly installed Debian 8.1
Step6: Reboot….


  1. I downloaded the iso and made a bootable USB stick but my bios do not see it in UEFI mode. The bootable USB only works in Legacy mode. How do I make the USB boot in UEFI. Also which iso do you advice i download, the DVD or the "Try Debian live before installing…" link. I did my test with the Try Debian live before installing iso.

  2. Hey Nehal! First and foremost thank you for the awsome tut =D
    Second, once you've done all this, where do you get the option to choose which OS to bootup?

    Is in in BIOS? is it in windows boot loader? or grub loader? or something else?


  3. FANTASTIC video!!! Thumbs up!! Thank you very much. It's almost all I need. I just have a question maybe you can help me.

    I will do a clean install, UEFI dual boot (Debian Jessie/Win 10). But I have two HDD and my Intel board supports RAID (fake RAID, a.k.a BIOS RAID) so I'm planning on setting up a RAID 0 (stripe). A fake RAID 0, this is.

    I think the only difference is that when installing Debian I have to run the installer with the kernel parameter: "mdadm=true". So the installer can properly detect the RAID. Am I wrong?

    I don't want to bother you, but it seems to me that you really know what you're doing, so I will REALLY appreciate any information you could give me. Or if you rather want to direct me to some place where I can find some information I will appreciate it too.

    Thank you very much, and again great video.

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