Install DOOM 2016 on Wine in Ubuntu Linux (PlayOnLinux)

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A tutorial video for installing DOOM 2016 on Ubuntu 16.04 using Wine and PlayOnLinux. Includes Vulkan.

Recommended that you watch the video in at least 720p for clarity of text. I have included English subtitles to assist you, just enable it in CC.

This video is meant for beginners. You will need Steam account and a purchased copy of DOOM 2016.

1. Make sure you have an Internet Connection.
2. Open a terminal and install the following:
sudo apt-get install vulkan-utils


  1. Penguin Recordings+ Could you please show how to run project cars on linux 16.04 LTS,. i presently have grid autosport but would love to buy project cars and play it on linux , do you think project cars will be ported over to linux? i think they should just pay Feral Interactive to port the game project cars 2

  2. I fallowed all the steps closely and Wine gave me this error:
    The program steamwebhelper.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close.

    EDIT: I fixed it by selecting steam in PlayOnLinux, clicking "Configure", clicking the "Install Components" tab, and installing Steam from the list. It installed Microsoft Core Fonts and steam worked properly that time.

  3. great videos, I just saw this and your nvidia driver install in ubuntu, keep it up, good channel! subbed+
    Q: If api 1 = vulka nad api 0 = opengl, what are 2 and 3 then?
    EDIT: can you also do a min or two gameplay in the same videos to see how it performs 🙂

  4. Hey there!
    Thanks for the very cool vid!

    I need a little help though, as I can't see 2.0-rc2-staging when I have to choose a different wine version…I did install it and it shows up when I go to ''manage wine versions'' but then all I see when I try to install a program is System.

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  5. ive followed your steps to try out few games, i get battleeye error with H1Z1, and the games that do load just have black screen with some game elements visible, could this be the Amdgpu pro driver? maybe should try mesa

  6. I did everything here and got the game to run. I just cant get it into full screen mode. I adjusted settings in wine configuration and got my virtual desktop to full screen but when I run doom the window shrinks to 800×600. the internal settings in doom didnt work either. can any body help?

  7. Do you need to do this process everytime or only if a game needs certain drivers? Also how do you add these games to Steam as non Steam games? Sorry, I'm very much a noob when it comes to Linux.

  8. has anyone tried to change wine directory to actual windows partition? was wondering if it would cause softwares or games not yet working in wine to work, getting wine to use files in windows partition instead.

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