Install Fedora 20 in UEFI Mode (Dual Boot Windows 7/8/10)

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This is a sample video showing how to install Fedora 20 in UEFI Mode alongside Windows 8.

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  1. i tried to install Fedora but i got errors like../dev/disk/by-label/fedora-live-ws-x86_64-23-10 doesnt exist and /dev/mapper/live-rw doesnt exist..can u please give me some idea to fix it…i downloaded the Fedora 20 from the official website..

  2. I'm currently trying to Dual Boot Windows 8.1 and Fedora22 in my Acer Aspire A1 Laptop, I already have the live image, I already have a partition in my disk drive, disabled the boot security and also disabled the fast start up, but when going to the boot menu it always pop up "boot manager not found in your device" Then after I press "OK" only the windows boot manager appear and no Fedora Live (I'm using USB btw for UFIE installation not Legacy same as my windows 8.1) please help me out, the boot menu can't detect fedora live.

  3. Hi,thanks for your work.I installed Fedora21 successfully! But what I find is that  when "Create mount point", if I  select "create them  auto", the /boot/efi will replace the "EFI  " option in windows in "Unknown",  I think it will make trouble, so I create them by clicking "+".Finally it succeded, and the windows8 can also be started normally without  changeing  grub that you showed. Thanks again!

  4. here is the output of fdisk -l
    [root@localhost]# fdisk -l
    Disk /dev/sda: 465.8 GiB, 500107862016 bytes, 976773168 sectors
    Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
    Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
    I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
    Disklabel type: gpt
    Disk identifier: F34BE492-6191-4DFD-87E5-4C7B90227795
    Device         Start       End   Sectors   Size Type
    /dev/sda1       2048    821247    819200   400M Windows recovery environment
    /dev/sda2     821248   1230847    409600   200M EFI System
    /dev/sda3    1435648   1697791    262144   128M Microsoft reserved
    /dev/sda4    1697792 541849599 540151808 257.6G Microsoft basic data
    /dev/sda5  541849600 542771199    921600   450M Windows recovery environment
    /dev/sda6  636518400 943718399 307200000 146.5G Microsoft basic data
    /dev/sda7  943720448 976773119  33052672  15.8G Windows recovery environment
    /dev/sda8  542771200 543795199   1024000   500M Linux filesystem
    /dev/sda9  543795200 601466879  57671680  27.5G Linux filesystem
    /dev/sda10 601466880 623403007  21936128  10.5G Linux filesystem
    /dev/sda11 623403008 631267327   7864320   3.8G Linux swap
    /dev/sda12 631267328 636471295   5203968   2.5G Linux filesystem
    Partition table entries are not in disk order.

  5. i followed this steps..finally reboot my laptop dint boot at a booting time error- Verification failed: (15) Access Denied press >ok-> shim UEFI key management    Perform MOK management > three option is there 1- continue boot, 2-Enroll key from disk,3- Enroll hash from disk
    please help me 

  6. Hello, I have an Asus Celeron N2815 notebook, I am trying to install fedora via bootable USB, I followed your other guide on how to set up a fedora 20 bootable USB via liveUSB so I know thats right, everything works perfect until it comes time to "start fedora live" I selected the option it was installing and i was checking the logs everything was a green [OK] the installation was "finished" but instead of the OS coming up like on your video my screen goes black, with no backlight or anything, just black, and it stays there forever. I have tried doing "nomodeset" but really have no idea how to, I am extremely new to all of this and have no idea what could be wrong at this point and I'm desperate to get Fedora running, Please help me! It made not be nomodeset I really have no clue what it is but any help is extremely appreciated! thank you

  7. I use a Dell Inspiron 15R and I cant get to the live installer. I can boot from the USB just fine but then it loads the fedora logo after which the screen flashes and then complete silence, nothing ever happens. Could you please help me through this, I would really appreciate it. Thank You

  8. Hey, I shrank my C drive and it created an unallocated drive of size 10 gb, but it doesn't show up when I want to select it as my installation destination for fedora, what should I do? please help!

  9. Hi Nehal,
    After installing FC20 , following your steps, when i mount /dev/sda2 and check the  /mnt/EFI directory the "Microsoft' directory is listed. Should i create one?
    thanks in advance.

  10. Hey. I did all the steps shown in the video. But while rebooting there is an error with blue screen stating that verification failed:(15) Access denied. It gets into MOK management and then asks me to enroll key from disk or enroll hash from disk. Every time I try to boot it, it gives me this error. Please help.

  11. +Nehal J Wani¬† I have Dell Inspiron 15r ¬†5521. Mine Doesn't Show The Windows loader option even at grub.. do I have any hope of dual booting..?I had installed pre-installed windows 8 and I want to dual it with Fedora 20. Due to these circumstances(my inability to dual boot- I can dual boot[8 and fedora] in other laptops, say of hp or very easily in case if 7 and ubuntu…).. I concluded it's due to lack of support from bios in my laptop. I mean , I tried a lot of combination, UEFI,Legacy, op-rom on or off, not sure anymore what to do. I have only fedora 20. If you think dual is possible please reply. I want to code in visual studio and I need linux terminal too( I am a CSE undergrad- newbie alert!! ūüôā )

  12. This is so frustrating to read that everyone follows this video and fedora "just boots".  I hve done this a dozen times with the same result.  After the fedora install, running efibootmgr it show fedora as the first in the boot order, when the pc reboots I get the dreaded "Error 1962: No operating system found."  I cannot find a way around this.  If I reboot from the usb installer, I can see all the partitions there and the grub information looks right.  How is it your pc's are just working???  ugh!

  13. Hi Nehal, thanks for your work.
    Well I tried installing FC20 on a UEFI system(Dell 14 7000 series, pre installed win8).
    But is doesn't show any disk to be selected for installation, even no windows disk.
    I have already shrank  250GB space. I checked with on/off secure mode from UEFI setting. I tried with different repositories but it doesn't show disk. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  14. Thanks for the Video Dude.
    I am trying to dual boot Fedora 20 in an unallocated 20 GB partition.
    During the process ( @2:25 in your video ) it doesn't recognize my disk space.
    No local disks are listed there.
    why would that be?

  15. m installing fedora 19 on my uefi secure boot…now windows boot manager not showing on bios uefi boot entry , m using lenovo g505s bt the window efi partition is available and shiwing by fedora installation??? dual boot is required to program manually? or my windows efi partition is delete permanently….hoping for a prompt response…thnks

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