Install Hadoop & Spark ecosystems within 10 minutes in ubuntu

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In ubuntu open this link:

How to install hadoop ecosystems, spark ecosystems in your system. It’s alternative to cloudera, hortonworks. Just download from this link


and install in Ubuntu

Note: please delete files in name and data (its in /home/hadoop/work/hadoop272data/Dfs/) before run…


  1. Great!! Thanks so much. One question. In the video, you installed scala, but in the document, you asked to ignore the scala part. I was wondering why? I believe spark is built on scala so it is necessary, right?

  2. Great!!!

    I have installed a spark cluster with 4 workers. Now i want to write and save some Dataframe as Parquet (using partitions).
    I've already created the path on each worker, where the parquets partitions should go. (the same path for all worker).
    Now when i lunch the job, it fails and i am trying to fix it but nothing to do.
    I started thinging about distributed file system as i tried spark.sparkContext(path/directory_x) to distribute the path/directory_x along the workers, but i am getting an Error that tells: " addFile does not support local directories when not running local mode."

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot

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