Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion within Windows

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In this video I’ll be showing you how to install Mac OS X Mountain Lion within Windows 7!

How to install XCode:

Part 2:

OS X Mountain Lion DVD Image:

If the link above doesn’t work use:

Hackboot 1:



  1. Wow, this is so sad both of the links for the OS X Mountain Lion DVD Image redirect me to a stop site that says that it's Illegal in my country (Belgium) so I can't open it, can someone make Mediafire Download of it so people like me can still use it?

  2. So with this I can install OS X Mountain Lion on a HDD that I hooked up using a male cable to my PC? If so does the HDD need to be in the HFS format? or NTFS? I am having trouble with this

  3. This video is so unprepared. Like instead of going through everything at first he's just like "yea so for the memory you need a hackbooth, check the description" fuck this

  4. @TheKasattack : Thank you very much for the descriptive video. Manage to install Mountain Lion with the help of your video and some comments below 🙂

  5. some notices after i spend almost 8 hours trying to install os x :
    1- use old version of vmware for example 5.0..
    2- change the port of the storage from SATA0 to SATA 4
    It was Hell to install it but finally thank God I did it

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