Install MASM on Windows 7 and windows 8 64bit ,Download MASM,RUN programs using Dosbox

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Especially for Btech JNTU Students ! #jntu #jntuh


  1. Thank you for the video it was very explanatory but I want to know what keys or commands were use to execute the program after building the program. I can't execute the program neither can i see whats the status of registers and flags.? Could someone pls help.

  2. Until 9:10 everything is ok. after i compile hello.asm there is no error but when i build it there is a 1 error. It was my first attempt. Wht can i do. the error says like this:
    +++ PWB [C:NASM611BIM] Build all

    NMAKE /f C:NASM611BINPWB00402.mak all

    Microsoft (R) Prg… bla bla
    Copyright .. bla bla..

    echo > NUL @.HELLO.Irf
    link @.HELLO.Irf

    bla bla..
    bla bla..

    Object Modules [.obj]: .HELLO.obj
    Run File [HELLO.exe]: .HELLO.exe
    List File []: NUL
    Libraries [.lib]: +
    Libraries [.lib]: +
    Libraries [.lib]:
    Definitions File [nul.def]: /NOI /BATCH /ONERROR:NOEXE /EXE /FAR /PACK;
    LINK : warning L4050: file not suitable for /EXEPACK; relink without
    Loading NMAKE

  3. the linker works well… but the make or ml doesn't work and i can't get my obj file. It gives me the error message: "This program cannot be run in DOS mode. any help welcome.
    P.S. I am using masm 6.15 and I am running windows 8.1 64-bit on an intel i5 processor

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