Install Minimum Lubuntu LXDE Desktop And Windows RDP Server into Ubuntu 12 04 Server

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Ubuntu is an open source operating system for computers. It is a Linux distribution based on the Debian architecture. It is usually run on personal computers, and is also popular on network servers, usually running the Ubuntu Server variant, with enterprise-class features. Ubuntu runs on the most popular architectures, including Intel, AMD, and ARM-based machines. Ubuntu is also available for tabletsand smartphones, with the Ubuntu Touch edition.
Ubuntu is…

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  1. Hi, What kind of light weight desktop would you recommend for a head less ubuntu server with a gig of ram and 20gig of space running easy engine to host a small wp site.I just want to run a minimal desktop without interference with the wp site and roll back the changes when its not needed.Thought of goin with xfce and x2go rdp? Is that a good choice? Thanks in advance

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