Install OS On Wyse Thin Client Linux Ubuntu

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Install OS On Wyse Thin Client Linux Ubuntu 11.10 – V10L Install Run.
VIA c7 800mhz eden processor

Wyse Thin Client:

upgrade from 128mb ram to 512mb ddr2 ram
upgrade from flash 128mb Hard drive to 40gb laptop hard drive.
install os from usb external dvd drive.
R3DLIN3S redlines red lines


  1. Thanks for the video. I'm going to try to install FreeDos on my V10L this week and see what happens. Funny that I'll have more RAM (512M) than disk space (128M). But, it's still overkill for a dos-based system. Should be fun

  2. Haha, Several things to point out to users:

    1. Thin clients were not meant to run full feature OS's. Rather they were destined to network boot, and run an OS small enough to connect to a server and have the server do the heavy work. Booting the thin client to logging into a desktop on the server will be far faster and offer much better performance on the server's cpu and ram.

    But if one chooses to run a full feature OS on minimal hardware:
    2. One needs more ram and a larger hard drive as this video pointed out, but your still limited by the cpu as well as remain limited severely restricted by the amount of ram one can install; and
    3. Both Ubuntu unity as well as gnome are both cpu and memory intensive. Rather, I would suggest using Lubuntu or Xubuntu if one is to use Ubuntu.

  3. Thank you very much for taking the time to make this video!
    I have hundreds of these WYSE (1.2GHz @ 1G RAM) kicking around here in my work place collecting dust, that now I might be able to play around thanks to your video!

  4. urgente urgente amigo sabes soy del Salvador y he buscado esa cincha para adaptarle el disco ide a la wyse y no he podido encontrar esa bendita cincha es mas en las tiendas de ventas ni las conocen tienes alguna que me la vendas y te pago los gastos es que he tratado de levantar mi wyse y como no tengo ese cable no puedo ayudame por favor necesito ese cable saludos y bendiciones

  5. I'd throw Puppy Linux or other MUCH lighter distro on such weak hardware, but thanks for demonstrating it will actually run standard Ubuntu. Puppy etc will run from DOM and are popular for repurposing thin clients.

  6. I've got a C7 Eden 1.2ghz running Lubuntu right now. (guest nettop) It's acceptably fast, but it was snappier under WinXP. I moved it to *buntu due to video driver issues under WinXP. The biggest thing slowing it down is lack of RAM. I couldn't locate a compatible 1GB DIMM, so it's stuck on 512MB, and that really isn't enough for most *buntus once you fire up a few programs.

    Btw, for anyone wondering, nLite lets you strip WinXP down to as few as 15 processes and 70MB boot memory usage.

  7. Except that he's completely right. No linux distro that I know of that doesn't sacrifice on user friendliness is as lightweight as WinXP – and that's before you tweak it. If you use something like nLite to strip out all the crud, WinXP runs fine on systems as slow as an ancient P2 300mhz. (I know; I stripped it down for an old P2 IBM Thinkpad… 35 seconds to boot, web browser up 45 seconds after pressing power button, only 256MB of RAM.)

    Nothing *buntu based is as lightweight as WinXP, period.

  8. That's completely untrue. Stop disinforming people. Linux could run up to the last month's version (3.7 release) on a 80386 CPU. The latest Windows OS that could run on that probably is Windows 3.1.

    What Linux gives you is a modern (relatively bloat-free, in any case miles ahead of any Windows sh*t) operating system requiring a very modest hardware. (Linux is run by a huge number of embedded systems,not counting the millions of phones that can easily run modern versions of Linux).
    Try DSL/Puppy

  9. I tried running xp on this and it crashed every time. From what I hear you need an ide to sdcard reader converter to install the os. Then it can be imaged to an ide drive.
    I have never tried it kuz I dont have a converter.

  10. Hey there! As i know VIA c7 is x86 processor, capable of running Win XP nicely, or Win 2000 perfectly. Why dont you try installing it? Present day linux distros so much resource heavyer than even XP

  11. these can be upgraded to 1 gig ram. Any issues using the boards PSU for the lappy hd? Also, check out lubuntu minimal install. very usable on 128 megs ram if you use midori instead of chromeium

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