Install Ubuntu 14.04 in UEFI Mode (Dual Boot Windows 8)

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This is a sample video showing how to install Ubuntu 14.04 in UEFI Mode.

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The solution after a lot of tests… That could be useful for all of those who are in trouble.
1º- Enable secure boot (that makes menu available en security options)
2º- Choose “Select an UEFI file as trusted for executing
3º browsing till find ubuntu folder and choose the file on it.
4º That makes ubuntu available to be chosen on…


  1. Hello
    have installed elementary OS based on Ubuntu 16.04, but I have not been able to boot the Dual boot because Windows has its bootloader in UEFI and it is erased when installing the Linux group.
    I use a Lenovo machine and try to create dual boot with Windows 10 and elementary OS

  2. Hello. I'm trying to dual boot ubuntu
    but when i press Install Now it's showing an error:

    The partition table format in use on your disks normally requires you to create a separate partition boot loader code. This partition should be marked for use as a Reserved BIOS boot area and should be at least 1 MB in size. Note that this is not the same partition mounted on /boot.

    If you don't go back to the partitioning menu and correct this error, boot loader installation may fail later, althought it may still be possible to isntall the boot loader to a partition.

    Help me please!! My laptop is ASUS x550CL

  3. Somehow this does not work on my ASUS notebook. When I type "shutdown -r -t 0" it restarts using the normal Windows loader instead of entering the boot menu. Another thing ist that after the installation of Linux I can only set "Windows Boot Manager" and "P2: MATSHITADVD.RAM" in my UEFI. How can I get the Linux Bootloader into my stupid UEFI?
    On all other PCs I installed Linux it always worked. What am I doing wrong?

  4. hi wani thank you for Video.I followed you instraction on how to install but i have windows can't load from boot manager when its not option 1 in boot order and windows partition is not accessible from linux..

  5. I just installed it the same why but the problem i am facing right now is that i have to boot into windows using the boot overdrive from my bios everytime, and my system boots into ubuntu by default, can u please suggest a solution?

  6. how did you get it to boot in the first place? i tried preparing the usb startup with unetbootin, then ubuntu usb startup, and finally just copied the iso onto my fat32 usb, but nothing worked. even after messing with uefi/bios, disabling secure boot etc, the best i could get was either ubuntu loading screen (non-efi) or grub and then loading screen (efi) and will not go past that stage. can neither try nor install.

  7. Running Ubuntu on only 5.6 Gig (root and home!!) is a complete waste, because you can't use it for anything serious.  After a couple years, my root partition alone has around 30 Gig of software installed.  But then I am a power user, so maybe the average Joe will only 10 to 15 Gig.  But that only accounts for the root partition.  You should always created a separate partition for the /home directory, so if you decide to change distros, or reinstall Linux, you don't loose all your user data/setting.  This partition should be 100's of Gigs.

    Please note, I use Linux exclusively, and have for about eight years now.  My laptops also have Windows on them, but the Linux windows environment is so superior to Microsoft, I boot to Linux so I can work faster.

  8. Hi, I've done this as you did. It's OK for Ubuntu. But when I choose the Windows Boot Manager (on /dev/sda2), it shows that  /EndEntire
    file path: ACPI(a0341d0,0)/PCI(2,1f)/Sata(0,0,0)/HD(2,c8800,96000,b4508360009bb849,2,2)/File(EFIMicrosoftBoot)/File(bootmgfw.efi)/EndEntire
    Error: cannot load image.
    Press any key to continue…

  9. Everything seemed to work out just fine, except when I restarted the second time like you did. I chose to reboot in ubuntu from windows, but when booting up again it seemed like it was booting ubuntu when the windows 8 interrupted and booted. What happened? How should I fix this? 

  10. During the part where you are using gparted to partition, what should I do if I allocate more than 7 gb? I want to use ubuntu for developing purposes. Should my ext journaling file system still take up the rest of the allocation?

  11. Thanks, i needed to install ubuntu because my windows 8.1 (sorry for the bad english) stop working, on boot it runs diagnostic, self repair, tests, but never ends, always start again the auto repairing function. Once i cant enter windows, i cant acess the windows system restore points, and i even tried prompt line comands but all the data saved on the hd (C:) is blocked i only have acess to other partitions x: / d: that i think is the recovery and OEM partitions, and i run chkdsk c: /f /r, no errors found. With ubuntu, i could make a copy of my files to an external hd, but still cant boot windows, only ubuntu, do you have some idea to resolve this or i will have to reinstall everything?… My notebook is Acer and i dont have the dvds, since it came preinstalled in the hd.

    By the way, what difference of performance using ubuntu is much faster, this windows version is the worst thing they did, almost 1 year using and it really difficults working and slower performance in all aspects, terrible

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