INSTALL Ubuntu 14.10 From USB And DUAL BOOT With Windows 8.1

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Hi everyone ,

This is a tutorial on how to install ubuntu 14.10 from USB and how to do a dual boot with windows 8.1 ..

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Check my newest video : Dual boot the latest ubuntu 15.04 with windows 8.1:…


  1. Hey, I have done partition in E drive, whereas my windows resides in C…. I basically have 3 primary partitions C, D, E in windows.. while installing I didn't get any option like "install alongside windows", so I did select "something else" which should take me to manual partitioning in linux, but I didn't find any "free space""unusable space" what do i do now..where should I install linux now??? please help

  2. whenever i restart my pc and hit install ubuntu or try ubuntu, it crashes… black screen, my keyboard switches off… i can only restart it by holding down power button…

  3. Hi..
    Is there any special purpose when you shrink the volume of a disk on windows, write that partition and under ubuntu the partition was deleted?
    And why we dont need swap partition when using ssd?

  4. By mistake I created a swap area with SSD hard disk. After installing Ubuntu . my windows 8.1 never worked again and I lost all my data also. Please help me regarding, how can I recover my windows and data.

  5. hey, don't we have to create an efi partition for installing bootloader.? You just installed it in the default directory dev/sda . This will replace windows bootloader I guess ?

  6. Hi… I have an issue while installing ubuntu. I can't find windows alongside option on the screen where we select something else. As a result, in the next step it is asking me install ubuntu on my 1TB hardrive. I think its not detecting Windows boot loader. There only one sda partition of 1TB. Kindly help. I want to install both OS in dual boot mode. Thanks !!

  7. Raihan sidi yes You can but I don't recommend it, because if something goes wrong you will loose your windows system … Using another partition is always better but be sure that the partition where you planned to install Linux is on the same disk as windows … Please use google + so I can answer you directly

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