” Install Ubuntu inside of Windows”

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There is no wubi for 14.04 and this does not work with UEFI also the old versions appear to be no longer working, here are alternatives below.
Complete guide to Installing Ubuntu Linux inside of Windows for a complete Linux Novice, Timeline of steps are below.
0.43 Download Wubi windows…


  1. New to Linux. I'm using it in VMware I'm running Linuxmint 17.1 cinnamon 64bit. Is there a way to get the number pad and multi-touch pad working correctly? I'm using a Dell inspiron 15. I like Linux but I need those to work before I'll consider it as my primary OS.

  2. Well it would be nice to inform all the friends that want to install Ubuntu into their PCs that Wubi no longer exists. I mean, you can find the download link, but when the install will be completed, then you will have some errors during the process of launching Ubuntu. This is because there is no version of Wubi for newest versions like 14.04 so if you try to install for instance version 12. the ubuntu server cannot give the proper information to your PC because is not working anymore. 
    Better way to instal Ubuntu 14.04 is through a USB-key or CD/DVD as a booting-device. I hope that i helped a bit..

     Best Regards my friends,

  3. As you know, in all ubuntus before 11th version we could install ubuntu within Windows just from ISO (after mounting it), without burning or making bootable USB. The installation program created filesystem on an existing NTFS-disk. And the next time, when you were booting up the PC, it was just asking which system to use. That was so easy and useful! Now, we have no such opportunity. All I want is make it as it was before, and without Virtualbox. From your video, I could not find the way to install ubuntu from within Windows and without Virtualbox.

  4. i have problem with instalation .. after restart when linux booting… in instal tell me: no root file system is defined  … do you known what with this?

  5. Is this installation enough for unix socket/threading/IPC programming in c++. Does it comes with those libraries or we need to seperately download those packages ?
    Thanks for demonstrating this, this is really helpful !

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